I am a recent PhD graduate of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BCS) at the University of Rochester with an interest in data science and cognitive science.

At the University of Rochester, I was advised by Raj Raizada. I graduated in 2023 after defending my thesis, "Exploring the Organization of Neural Object Representations in the Visual Streams". My research focused on exploring how the human brain processes the identity and viewpoint of visually presented objects through the analysis of fMRI data with multivoxel pattern analysis and dimensionality reduction methods. 

Born and raised in New York City, my interest in psychology was first piqued at Townsend Harris High School. For my undergraduate studies, I attended New York University (BA in Psychology, 2012) and I was introduced to cognitive science as an undergraduate research assistant with Todd Gureckis. After graduation, I moved to Pittsburgh, PA to work as a research assistant at Carnegie Mellon University with Mike Tarr, where I got my start as a cognitive neuroscientist. In 2014, I moved to Rochester, NY to begin my graduate studies.